Many homes in New England were built more than 35 years ago, which means that a lot of these buildings do not have the ability to handle today's electrical loads.  An electrically outdated home trying to keep up with modern day electrical loads is a constant source of frustration for home owners....not to mention it can be extremely dangerous.  Electrical fires continue to rise each year and are responsible for billions in property loss and hundreds of deaths and injuries.  An electrical service upgrade is a safety necessity.

 If one or more of these items apply to your home, please contact the experts at MEI Electrical Contractors to discuss your electrical service upgrade options:

  •  Lights flicker when using major appliances.

  • An excessive amount of tripping breakers and blown fuses.
  • Electrical panel is overheating.
  • You do not have enough outlets for your appliances.
  • You find that you need to use a lot of extension cords.
  • You have several 2-pronged outlets (current codes now require 3-prong GFCI outlets to prevent people from getting shocked).
  • You have recently acquired appliances that draw a lot of electricity.
  • You have recently done renovations in your home.

 Our main concern is to ensure your family's safety, while making your home more electrically modern and efficient.


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