Licensed in VT, NH, NY, MA & ME

Lighting design involves more than simply hanging lights from the ceiling.  Lighting designers must consider efficiency, functionality, and most importantly, the overall feel the light brings to a building.  Light can affect the productivity of employees and the mood of customers.  An area with excessive lighting can have the same negative effects on cost and productivity as an area that is inadequately lit.  Our designers are able to balance these essential elements to create a cost effective, energy conservative, and aesthetically pleasing space. 

Lighting conservation has taken on new importance as we seek ways to become more energy efficient. With a certified Lighting Consultant on staff, MEI is a participant in Efficiency Vermont’s RELIGHT program. This program was created to pair customers with professional lighting designers for their retrofit projects.  Consultants will examine an existing facility and be able to make recommendations that will lower the energy consumption, resulting in energy savings. With the incentives issued by Efficiency Vermont, it makes the use of lighting consultants a viable tool in your next upgrade. 

"Past Efficiency Vermont projects have shown that lighting designer involvement can increase energy savings by an average of 40% compared to standard 1-for-1 retrofits.” - Efficiency Vermont website.

For more information about the RELIGHT program, visit the Efficiency Vermont website.