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24/7 Emergency Service

MEI Electrical Contractors & Systems Integrators' 24/7/365 Emergency Department offers quality and professional electrical, fire alarm, or security system repair services, any time of the day or night all year long.  With a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles and highly trained electricians and technicians who can diagnose and repair the problem, you can rest easy knowing that, in the event of an emergency, we are only a quick phone call away.  


  • Power service repair

  • Malfunctioning outlets

  • Household and appliance wiring issues

  • Generator issues

  • Flickering lights

  • Flooding

  • Restoration of power after downed lines

  • Restoration of power after inclement weather

  • Fire alarm issues

  • Security system issues


24/7/365 emergency services are provided for existing customers.  Call MEI at 1-802-988-9678.

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