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Electrical Apprenticeship Program

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Vermont’s Apprenticeship Program

Vermont’s Apprenticeship Program requires 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and four years of schooling through a trade school.


Why MEI Electrical Contractors?

MEI was established in 1991 and has grown into one of the most capable and versatile full-service electrical contracting companies in Vermont.  We have two offices, one in Westfield, VT, and one in Williston, VT.  We have over 65 employees, many of whom are Master Electricians and Journeymen Electricians.


Opportunities and Benefits

We provide employees the opportunity to become licensed electricians.  This is done through on-the-job training and completing the apprenticeship program.

Our apprenticeship committee pairs Master Electricians with new employees as mentors to fully support and guide our apprentices.

After a probationary period, MEI’s benefits include health insurance, dental and vision insurance, disability insurance, 401K, paid vacation, sick time, and holidays.

Non-registered apprentices have the following benefits:

  1. MEI may reimburse your first year of classes upon successful completion with a minimum achievement of 75% and continued compliance with the apprenticeship program.

  2. All working hours will be logged as apprentice experience toward licensure with the State of Vermont.


The Future of an MEI Apprentice

With dedication and hard work, there are many opportunities for advancement within MEI.

  1. Once the program requirements are met, employees can become Registered Apprentices.

  2. Once Registered, employees are eligible to work toward a VT Journeyman Electrician’s license.

  3. The next step up from Journeyman is Master Electrician. 


Other possibilities include becoming a Foreman, Site Supervisor, or Project Manager.


Each step of this process means greater potential for greater income and benefits.


Call for Details

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MEI Electrical Contractors

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