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Site Management Strategy

Upon being awarded a contract, MEI Electrical Contractors & Systems Integrators will organize and set up an effective management and supervision team that is structured specifically for your project.  The project team will be drawn from the technical and management resources within MEI to provide the personnel with the necessary skills required for each stage of the project. 

We believe a successful project requires:

  • A well-defined scope;

  • Extensive early planning;

  • Good leadership, management, and first-line supervision;

  • Positive customer relationships with customer involvement;

  • Proper team chemistry;

  • Quick response to changes; and

  • Project managers concerned with the total project, not just individual elements.


Our project managers are responsible for:

  • Project management planning;

  • Cost management;

  • Time management;

  • Quality management;

  • Safety management, and

  • Contract administration.


On larger projects, we stage job trailers at the site, so our project managers are available at all times.  And, with strong skills in communication, our project managers are able to liaison effortlessly between customers, vendors, subcontractors, employees, support staff, and others to keep a project on track, on time, and within budget.

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