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Vermont State Police Alarm Registration

The Vermont State Police requires that all alarm holders within their coverage area be registered with the Vermont State Police.  The annual fee is $50.00 in accordance with VT Statute Title 20, VSA Section 1871 (e) (3).

Customers must register their alarms if:


  • Their property is within the VSP coverage area, and they want the Vermont State Police to respond to burglar alarms (In this instance, a customer will be required to pay the registration fee.); or 

  • If customers live in a town where the Vermont State Police provides after-hours or back-up coverage.  (In this instance, a customer is not required to pay the registration fee.)

Note:  If there is a verified emergency at your house or business, the Vermont State Police will respond whether or not you have registered your alarm.

Once the registration form and fee are received and the information is entered into the VSP program, an alarm number is assigned to each property.  Customers should notify MEI of this number so it can be conveyed to the monitoring company.

Customers with burglar alarms on properties within the Vermont State Police jurisdiction should be aware that without being registered, the VSP may not respond in a timely manner.  Visit the Vermont State Police Alarm Registration website for more information. (

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